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A controversy only to those uninvolved

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A locker room is not the Lux Lounge, and it's not Clinton Portis's private den, either. It's a weird hybrid room, a public space where private things happen, crowded and stinking, littered with dirty adhesive tape that sticks to your shoes, and packed with bodies, starting with the undeodorized athletes in various states of dress and undress, some of them picking their feet or putting salve on their back acne, but also including equipment managers collecting sweatsoaked laundry, and TV anchors and radio announcers jostling each other.

This Story

Anyone who argues that women reporters don't belong in a locker room because they might see something private had better kick the cameras and microphones out Sebastian Janikowski Black Jersey first.

Personally, I don't interview naked men. That's just my policy; I wait for them to put on pants or a towel. So I can't really speak to Portis's comments because I've never been confronted by "53 men's packages." Nor have I ever had a problem in a locker room, which I attribute to the gentlemanly qualities of the men in them, and my own tact. And I'm not sure that TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz had a real problem with the New Sebastian Janikowski Authentic Jersey York Jets, either. She seems to have received ruder treatment from Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olbermann.

The other day Sainz went out to the Jets' facility to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez, and while she was there, some Jets seem to have acted 14 years old and lost it, because she is a former Miss Universe contestant and she wears tight jeans (she's also a married mother of three with a masters degree). None of the comments were overtly rude, but they were inappropriate and unprofessional, and another journalist complained on her behalf. Sainz herself told TV Azteca she did not feel insulted, or harassed.

"It was definitely a joking tone, very amicable," she said. "I wasn't offended."

Jets owner Woody Johnson has apologized for his team's juvenile conduct. It should have ended there.

But it didn't, mainly because everybody else started losing it, too. Limbaugh attacked Sainz for her jeans and cleavage, calling her "boobalicious;" Glenn Beck suggested she wanted the publicity, an impression Sainz did nothing to discourage by going on every talk show in creation; a women's media group suggested the Jets undergo "sensitivity training;" and then Portis had to get into it, suggesting women reporters can't go into locker rooms without fainting from lust.

"You put a woman and you give her a choice of 53 athletes, somebody got to be appealing to her," he said. "You know, somebody got to spark her interest, or she's gonna want somebody."

So now we're locked into an interminable debate about appropriate professional conduct for women. Despite the fact that this all started with a handful of guys acting unprofessionally.

Let's dispense with the dumbest part of this whole controversy, the question of what Sainz was wearing. She had on jeans and a collared white shirt, but I don't care if it was Doctor Dentons and a nose ring. It's her prerogative to wear what she wants, and the only people entitled to judge its professional appropriateness are her bosses at TV Azteca, who apparently are fine with it. And if she dresses for attention, what of it? Women have been using dress as a form of communication since Queen Elizabeth I of England first put on pearls.

Contrary to Olbermann's speechifying, one woman's neckline doesn't define all women in the business, much less "undermine" them. If I had to put a word to that assertion, I'd call it sexist.

The more interesting and less easy part of the discussion concerns the locker room. Factually, the issue is simple: It's not a question of whether women belong in locker rooms. It's the law. Equal access in the workplace was mandated in 1979 by a federal judge. But that doesn't make it comfortable for anyone.ҿ

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A big thank you to those who make our dining

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When you visit a restaurant, hotel or tourist attraction, make sure you say thanks to the workers who put in the extra effort to make your experience a good one! That what we did today at the Norfolk Convention And Visitor Bureau Champions of Hospitality Rally at Denarius Moore Black Jersey Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center in downtown Norfolk.

Judges, Nicole Livas and Bruce Rader. Photo by Kristi Schneider

My WAVY colleagues Bruce Rader, Stephanie Harris and Tom Schaad joined ODU Football Coach Bobby Wilder on the judging panel Denarius Moore Authentic Jersey for most spirited large and small organization. The organizations always bribe us with food, drink and cool knick knacks that reflect their organizations. We could barely carry all of the goodies out of there! DJ BRyte from 103 JAMZ (Boodah Brothers Morning Show) helped engage the crowd.

Booker T. Washington High School Cheerleaders performing

Once again, Booker T. Washington marching band and cheerleaders got the crowd amped up! Norfolk one and only philanthropist, Attorney Pete Decker served as emcee and got lots of hugs and kisses, cheers and praise from the crowd once again.

This year, we had the added touch of fans with Uncle Pete beautiful face on them!

Peter Decker and Anthony DiFilippo present award to Most Spirited Large Organization, Sheraton Hotel Norfolk Waterfront

The big winners were: Sheraton Waterside Hotel in the large organization category; and DNC (Downtown Norfolk Council) in the small organization category.

Downtown Norfolk Council, winners, Most Spirited, small organization with Peter Decker, Master of Ceremonies, far left and Anthony DiFilippo, second from left.

Here a look at the other winners:

Norfolk's 2011 Champions of Hospitality

2011 Overall Winner and Favorite Driver award winner, Frank Brooks, Black and White Cabs

As a proud Norfolk resident, it always great to participate in this event and see some longtime friends who work in the service industry and to meet new ones. We need to remember those who make our lives easier all the time, not just during National Travel and Tourism Week so don forget to say thanks to that bartender, ambassador, waitress, receptionist, cab driver, housekeeper,parking attendant, bellman, assistant and others who go above and beyond to make sure we have a great experience. Thanks to all in the service industry for a job well done! Cya again next year!

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2013 Top Three Fantasy Football Sleepers

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Shonn Green now with Tennessee after backtoback 1,000yard rushing seasons in New York (yeah, I found it hard to believe, too)

Ivory is likely Terrelle Pryor Authentic Jersey the Jets' RB1 with Mike Goodson a likely candidate for suspension following gun and pot charges during the offseason

Ivory has dealt with a variety of leg injuries over the past few season, but when on the field has impressed fantasy owners who wanted to see more of him

Averaged over five yards Terrelle Pryor Black Jersey per carry in his career

What else do the New York Jets have on offense?

The Good: Palmer passed for over 4,000 yards with 22 touchdowns (14 INTs) with Oakland last season

The Bad: Cardinals' rushing attack a little suspect with Rashard Mendenhall leading the way

The Ugly: Arizona's offensive line allowed the most sacks last season (58), but tried to improve via the Draft and bringing in veterans from other teams

The Good (again): Palmer managed to pass for all those yards and touchdowns within a cruddy Raiders' offense (Brandon Myers was his best receiver). With Larry Fitzgerald as his top target, Palmer could exceed expectations in year one with the birds that is, if his offensive line keeps his jersey clean.

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Http:// 13

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How to Wear your I Love New York Shirt

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One could then ask whether some other perhaps simpler, information-processing sequence   could also explain the data, or whether some other sequence could explain both these data and some other findings The question remains: Is the Louisville court system willing to toss a teenage sexual assault victim behind bars for identifying her attacks? As far as Dietrich is concerned, Louisville isn’t overly concerned with dispensing justice as it is protecting rapists All you christian louboutin sale shoes had to do is switch on the TV and you find that instead of a good movie your TV screen is spewing out static and noise, a result of the storm that was brewing in the nightAnd so I started doing some research DirectTV offers the lowest subscription price in the industry for nearly 300 channels, over 100 of which are HD only, and exclusive sports packages with the NFL The bottom line is that you should read the pool cue reviews, but in the end decide for yourselfSome of these cheap software discounts can be found at resale shopsauthor img Duncan Keith Jersey {float: left; margin: 0px 7px 0px 0px;} p On the other hand his asking price is a little louboutin sale high for them given how much they already have spent on other linemen like Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley These can be exotic woods like ebony, precious metals or gems like mother of pearl, or other materials They won the game, 30-0, over Baltimore by totaly overpowering the Colt's offense

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The survivors of a destroyed, post-apocalyptic Paris in the aftermath of the Third World War live underground in the Palais de louboutin outlet Chaillot galleriesSmetadata spanLet there be no mistake about it, The Wanta Plan is on the lips of the "people in the know" all over the worldtimestamp a {color: #999;text-decoration: none;} pDifficult To Account for Mistakes CommittedBy giving a team an opportunity to provide a solution to a specific problem or issue, it is creating a much bigger problem of trying to account for any consequence that may arise as a result of the decision adopted Webb, who had three false starts against Detroit, struggles with his concentration Here are few examples that explain how to use the 'ALT' in combination with numbers to generate different characters In the early 1950s, Burke started the World Women's Wrestling Association in Los Angeles, California“We are proud of the dedication and professionalism that has characterized Dewey & LeBoeuf over many years, and we intend to bring the louboutin sale same focus to the unfortunate task of closing out our affairs,” Dewey & LeBoeuf executive partner Stephen Horvath said in a statement This week, looks like the good karma they got from beating the Texans last week will be short lived as they face the Titans who are quietly becoming one of the best teams in the league

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Along with his wife, Ginny, Marshall founded Playground Partners in 2000, a non-profit organization that provides a fun, inclusive and safe recess environment for over 10,000 children at 20 San Diego and Orange County elementary schools With various game modes including tournament, quick play and story The result is an immediate emotional attachment that occurs due to the daily movement watching of a few pennies James Brown mightily contributes to the movie’s soulful soundtrack, singing "Down and Out in New York City" and "Mama’s DeadRice began his NFL career as a highly-touted prospect out of Mississippi Valley State in 1985 For Carnegie, on the other hand, it is the manipulating power that can brainwash multitudes of people for his selfish desires Ashlynn Brooke ? Ah yesmainlink {font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size: 26px;color: #1F98C7;text-decoration: none;} There is a touching moment when he tells a suspicious NCAA investigator that he has not been manipulated into going to Ole Miss by the Tuohys: rather, he is simply going where his "family" (his new family, anyways) has always gonePrior to my contacting you, I confirmed a couple of facts about Leo Wanta/$27 So, back to the justification of the earlier statement that most people have decided it is not worth paying for the service

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